SEXY KNIGHT’S in mobara x

After several months the Yuki-Chan “N/A IS BEST” Club stickers are available for pre-order. Massive thanks to Alex from Circuit Soul and Reggie for their hospitality, especially over this past month. The first batch is extremely limited on numbers and colours. Available are; Chrome, Blue, Green and White.

The time spent designing, creating, cutting and weeding these has all taken time and the finished products look amazing. If you’re a N/A fanatic, this sticker deserves to be on your car. There will be a lot coming out of this concept, the price might be a little more expensive than you anticipated but I ensure you it’s worth it. Your money not only gets you a groovy sticker that has been created from scratch but also helps me to continue traveling to and throughout Japan to do my best to capture the amazing sights, events and vibes that such a country generates. I hope each and everyone of you thoroughly enjoys reading this blog as much as I love shooting and writing for it.

To order, click here x

Thanks to each and everyone of you for your support and I can’t wait to inform you on some exciting things that are happening in the coming months. Casey x


February 14th, 2013

Muko-Sans GX71 parked up at 7-11 Fujinomiya x

Park-San checking out 1 of 2 Honda Shuttles that headed out on a quiet friday night with a few other friends on the bay of Tokyo. Cool, relaxing nights in Kanto will forever be the best x

March 28th, 2011

This is why my trip was amazing. The night before this video we spotted a S14.5 on the main road leaving Daikoku PA which ended up taking us to a street drift meetup in the heart of Yokohama Bay, docks and all. That same he, Yuki-san gave us a GPS co-ordinate for us to meet him and his crew at a place called Ebina Carpark, this is generally where cars head to if Daikoku PA gets shut down. The following night we rocked up right before 10:00PM and waited around for an hour or 2. Soon enough we were driving with a large pack of cars to a popular mountain about an hour away. Eventually reaching the top of the mountain Yuki generously agreed to taking me for a ride both up and down the touge. Here is a 3 minute sector of the run.

November 16th, 2010

November 11th, 2010