Another photo capturing Jesse’s consistent runs being laid down at Meihan Sportsland during a small mid-week meeting in Spring x


March 6th, 2013

You jinxed it ‘012 x

Jesse Streeter, Meihan Sports Land 2012. Click here to see more captures. Without a doubt one of my favourite drivers in Japan to watch x

September 8th, 2011

Todd’s Hot Road Type X RPS13, perfect.

August 25th, 2011

Taking a look over this page I noticed I have posted a lot of action photos, so here is a static. This photo was taken a few days into my second trip with K-Tours at Suzuka Twin Circuit in Suzuka of Todd’s Hot Road RPS13 sitting flush on AVS5’s and XT7’s. One thing I loved about the sunsets was the ability to see the orb itself due to all the pollution, not that that is a good thing but it definitely made for some fantastic photos. One thing you may notice about this photo is the small watermark on the bottom right. From now on I will be applying these to all images photographed by me. As you may know we’ve been asking some questions on our Facebook asking what you’d like us to improve on. Reading over the comments I’ve made two decisions; one being to watermark my images and the other one to add a Desktops section to the site. I appreciate all your comments and feedback. Casey x