January 29th, 2018

one of my greatest goals and things to work towards whilst running this blog is to one day have my own personal car back in the country of japan and to shoot a number of stickers & accessories that would soon be available to SHIRTSTUCKEDIN. this latest release was precisely that, having shipped my car over late last year I was able to make the time and shoot this most recent collection of inventory and stickers on my car in the bay of osaka.

feel free to check out the online store via the link below. with more than 60 individual items for sale – your support is unbelievably appreciated. casey xxx

shop now x

April 17th, 2011

My cravings for vending machine coffee’s has been put off far too long, I’m looking forward to cracking open a Morning Shot ¥120 straight from a vending machine!

January 4th, 2011

I’d give anything to be back here right now…

November 25th, 2010