Takuya-San from LOWBRAIN splitting up the n/a pack at Nikko with his C34 x

SSRA Spirant soukoukai Nikko Circuit. Thanks Spirant and N-Style x

An AE86 from the Tokyo region in which I’ve been stalking through various Japanese profiles and sites. Finally, I got to see it in person at the SSRA Spirant soukoukai day at Nikko Circuit. Pure Toyota perfection x

Black Limited x TEC-ART’S Trueno. SSRA x Spirant soukoukai Nikko Circuit x

Black Limited

September 4th, 2012

I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of this Black Limited beauty on the site before so is one. I found this car smashing around Nikko Circuit a few months back during the SSRA / Spirant ソウコウカイ day. Extremely rare to find one of these chassis, let alone coming onto boost down the back section of Nikko! x