LOWBRAIN ☆ Rub The Earth x

Late nights in Atsugi hanging with Team LOWBRAIN and Fukushima-San from MATERIAL Racing. A night I won’t forget x


November 22nd, 2012

Late nights and early mornings with LOWBRAIN x


August 24th, 2012

LOWBRAIN: ゆーさん JZX90, しんごーさん R32, むこさん GX71x

Seeing this sight on my last night in Japan made the 2 hour train trip out to the docks with smelly, drunken Japanese people worth it. Takuya and Shingo from LOWBRAIN decided to come hang out with us on my last night too. Even with a blown RB25 Takuya still managed to put on a decent show just before the police turned up. x


May 11th, 2012

Last week we made it to the RB Meeting at Nikko Circuit which was the first of our events to check out. We had planned to meet up with Shingo, Muko, Yuu and Taku-San from LOWBRAIN. Unfortunately Taku’s car wasn’t running so smoothly so it was only out for 3-4 laps. Luckily, in that time I got a few keepers of the lowdown Laurel sweeping through the tight corners at Nikko. These guys are a very kind team and I really look forward to getting to know them more! More photos coming soon x