i miss this car. fujiyama deep 2015 x

前にハチマルミーチィング x


December 11th, 2012

The day we drove from Miyagi precture (Sendai) to Tokyo and then to Kansai (Osaka). It was the last day of being a teenager. Arriving in Tokyo we spent the evening to an awesome western dinner in Shibuya with good friend Park. It was then time to set route for Osaka. Slowly making our way down the Tomei Expressway we thought we’d change the route to see Fuji under the moonlight and headed directly across to the Shin Tomei Expressway which runs directly parallel. The best road I’ve ever driven on and probably will ever drive on. It was only very recently built, this year in fact and runs for 253.2km. No sign of traffic, super clear Spring night with Fuji-San shining it’s snow-capped glory under the moonlight. Cutting through mountains end on end and witnessing some amazing cars. Best times, something I’ll never forget, spent with a car full of best friends x