hirakawa ryota-san cutting works SPLASH S14 earlier this year at FINS soukoukai meiihan sportsland x

ebisu circuit, higashi course x

nakamura naoki newest machine x

top style EF by carmakeacross x

関西オールスターパーツショップタカシルビア x

前にミカミオート旧車イベント、4月2017年 x

higashi-osaka in the afternoon with yamaguchi-san from carmakeacross. 800KG K20 EK with plenty of carbon fibre x

90年代シルビア x


August 18th, 2017


August 18th, 2017

another trip to japan complete; a short one however. kansai all stars being the main focus and a few practice days and shoots in-between. the online store will be back online sometime next month as i am finalising everything currently. casey xxx