January 31st, 2011

Christopher S Cain, standing on the ever so famous wall of Minami Circuit, Ebisu. You might’n recognise the name, but I’m sure your familiar with his blog, Beeoneoneoh. He put a photo up of Dino Dalle Carbonare and myself a few days ago, so I thought I’d return the favour. Chris mentioned photographers by nature generally don’t have many images of themselves, well whilst doing what they love doing, taking photos. I have to agree and I’m thrilled I have a shot of Chris at Ebisu otherwise I’d feel a little guilty.

January 27th, 2011

Cars that choose to take on the not-so forgiving walls of Minami generally mean they can steer. I was a bit iffy seeing this little Trueno hatch drive out for the first time. 10 minutes in, my jaw was dragging the bitumen. If there was a stand out car that was smashing Minami, in a good way it would have to be this little AE86. I remember standing inside the pits and watching it hop over the jump, screaming past the wall. Each time I had to either cover my ears and or look away, I’ve never heard a car this loud before.

Exiting off the wall, entering into the tight left corner he gained unbelievable amounts of angle every single time. One reason why he was such a standout was definitely his level of consistency. Note; his facial expressions.