January 15th, 2024

first of all we wish you all a very happy and blessed 2024. to kick-start the year is the annual tokyo auto salon held up north in chiba, tokyo metropolitan district. being almost directly in the middle of winter at the start of january everywhere the weather can be extremely windy and cold however this year we were blessed with blue skies and low single digit temperatures.

this year like every other year is a blessing to attend, featuring some of the most insane cars from all over the globe purely to showcase what creations companies and brands are diving into with old and brand new cars. below my selection of photos from the course of 1.5 days.

as always enjoy & once again happy new year. caseyy x


December 4th, 2023

SHIRTSTUCKEDIN 2024 calendars are now finished and available

• This calendar contains 12 unseen film images yet to be posted anywhere on the internet i’ve personally shot over the past 12 months here in Japan
• 150GSM internals wrapped in a thicker 350GSM matt-cello covers front and rear
• Drifting, Kaido Racers Machines of Shirtstuckedin & more
• January 2023 – December 2023
• Limited to 100 units
• Sizing – A3 when folded out A2
• Worldwide shipping available
• Illustration by San Mamiya 
• Photography By Casey Dhnaram


BFCM 2023

November 25th, 2023

our largest sale of the year has now started – BFCM 2023. for the most part all inventory on the online store (in stock) is an automated 25% off (no discount code required). sales for SHIRTSTUCKEDIN are very rare so we recommend using this to your advantage especially in time for christmas.

a new product that is newly available for pre-order are our V2 new logo SFI/FIA rated DRIVING FORCE racing suits. these have been used across the globe here in australia, japan through to NZ in series such as D1GP, please refer to the website for more in-depth details and descriptions.

we wish you a very safe, exciting and relaxing thanksgiving. love alwayss.

sale ends MON 11:59PM PST or until stock lasts.


November 23rd, 2023

this year’s 2023 D1GP series has come to an end with the final 2 rounds – 9 & 10 held in odaiba bay, tokyo. it’s been roughly 5-6 years since a round of D1 has been held here so it was something extremely special to be apart of and once again shoot & document.

friday’s practice consisted of rainy and slippery conditions causing nakamura naoki in his GR86 right into the wall leading the team to be awake until 5AM saturday morning right before practice and initiating round 9. after an extremely windy rainy & windy start to the day the event was close to being cancelled due almost all tents & booths being blown around the paddock into parked cars from the wild weather. luckily it had eased throughout the mid morning allowing D1 to continue.

shooting a drift event such as D1GP in the heart of tokyo throughout the day into the night is truly something special, here is a small selection of favorites i’ve edited for your enjoyment. 2023 series ranking #1st fujino from team TOYO, hokuto from team TOYO & nakamura naoki from VALINO N-STYLE. as always enjoyy. caseyy x

D1 divisional bihoku highland circuit round 3. qualifying 2nd place in tanso (qualifying) and 1st place overall in tsuiso (battles). the last round will be held at bihoku highland circuit once again on the 19th november to conclude the series. new youtube RAW below + a few images from the day x


August 23rd, 2023

new special style stickers added into the online store today

– pink & purple leaf sparkle
– blue & silver sparkle chrome
– silver & purple sparkle chrome
– black & silver chrome
– red & gold chrome

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August 22nd, 2023

the NER S13 – purchased off yahoo auctions early last year it has gone through a bunch of upgrades, maintenance and general work over the past 15 months to comfortably get back home on the streets of japan.

this is somewhat a famous car with history. built by TOMEI in the early 90s into the 2000s in collaboration with one of the largest magazines and media companies CARBOY to document each stage this car and engine went through in order to attack courses like Tsukuba 1000 & Gunsai. being in the hands of drivers such as keiichi tsuchiya and max orido there are a number of scanned documents from magazines and HOT VERSION videos still present on the internet today that this cars life used to be.

the car wasn’t ran for somewhere between 8-10 years from what the original owner told me upon picking up the car so it is a very cool feeling having it running, driving and trouble-free back on the streets of japan. the original 2.2L motor that the car was renowned for had to be pulled out and loads of maintenance taken place ready for another car down the track. the current motor setup in this now is from another car. SR20DE with GTIR 4 throttle intake setup and 260mm cams all run by the original TOMEI REYTEC.

after all the maintenance and work i finally have had the chance to make it look a little more appealing over the past few weeks, get things cleaned up further, get temporary insurance in order to take it for a drive & shoot. enjoy the photos right smack bang in the middle of summer in the hills of nara prefecture

love always x

HOT VERSION / GUNSAI video link: click here

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D1GP Tsukuba

June 30th, 2023

2023 D1GP series at the infamous tsukuba circuit. through my eyes. enjoy x


June 14th, 2023

a lot of driving lately means a lot of new RAW video’s on the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN youtube. below are the 3 most recent driving events & videos i have attended, competed and put a video together:

D1 divisional series – mobara twin circuit making it to the top 16
Meihan Sportsland K.STRUE competition day – winning #1st place
– Gunma Sports Cycle Center – GUNSAI HARDCORE TOKYO event

plenty more videos up and coming from so be sure to subscribe to the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN youtube
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