June 27th, 2022

it has been quite some time since i’ve taken new photos of the NA S13, for the most part every campaign shoot it gets cleaned up and taken out to model new products for the brand. timing it perfectly a few months ago with the blooming sakura flowers in and around nara prefecture, japan.

all black phase – the latest look and version of the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN NA 4 throttle demo PS13. featuring our latest collection of car fashion & accessories.


June 27th, 2022

3037 S13 meihan sportsland x


June 23rd, 2022

nakamura naoki at D1GP okuibuiki for rounds 2 & 3 2022.
saturday overall champion, sunday overall champion and sunday tanso winner. the next rounds are late august just after the peak of summer at EBISU circuit – nishi (west) course, rounds 4 & 5. enjoy this set of his brand new 2022 V8 supercharged S13 silvia


May 19th, 2022

incase you missed the last photo set of rob’s AE86 here well here is another set i wanted to get up that was taken on the same day through the countryside of nara & mie prefectures in film. usually the black NA S13 or any of my personal cars are used for campaign look book shoots to feature any kind of products, stickers & inventory that are readily available to our upcoming releases. rob’s timeless 86 was also a perfect, timeless looking car to shoot too before it was unfortunately sold on.

as usual i’ll keep it short and sweet, enjoy this little photo set and some of the newest SHIRTSTUCKEDIN stickers & goods. caseyyyy x



May 16th, 2022

one of the largest collection of products for SHIRTSTUCKEDIN to date. i have spent a lot of time over the past 12-18 months re-structuring a lot of things back-end to the brand and the storefront to push forward with more products in the most confident and stoked mindset i can be in. certain suppliers for certain products have been suspended which has lead to finding a lot more suppliers here locally in japan which is very hard and sought out these days. a lot has gone into this collection of goods and a lot of changes implemented to give us a very good base to keep the inventory line of SHIRTSTUCKEDIN pushing in a direction we strongly want for the next 10 years.

SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force V2 Carbon Kevlar Racing Seats – PRE ORDER
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force Crystal Shift Knobs – MADE IN JAPAN
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Acrylic Flaked Key Rings
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Alloy Laser Cut Number Plates
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Staff Bench Jackets
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force New Logo Mechanic Gloves
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force V2 New Logo Side Cushions
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force V2 New Logo Drink & Tobacco Holders
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Full Sized Nobori Flags
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Mini Sized Nobori Flags – MADE IN JAPAN
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Sweat Towels
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Vinyl Sticker Range
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Club Sticker Range
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Window Banner Sticker Range

below is a very thorough and visual outline as to what is going to be newly available today. your support to myself, SHIRTSTUCKEDIN and everything creative is seriously beyond appreciated and anything i can transcript into text on a blog post. thank you always, loveeeeeeee. caseyyyyy x



May 10th, 2022

all of a sudden it’s the middle of may.

a little update since the last video of the 3037 S13 on the dyno at PRO SHOP DIVERSION. life lately has definitely been nothing short of full-on. i have been working on a bunch of things over the past few months along with trying to get the 3037 car up to a spec where it is reliable and driving, ready for practice however that has been a little bit of a struggle with some small issues resulting in very little driving since this year started. from june onwards i hope to have a few more things ironed out, some newer parts in it and back to weekly driving. one thing i have been enjoying a lot lately is filming as much as possible and continuing the theme of RAW videos on the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN youtube, having something to watch after driving and the response from all of you is an awesome feeling, everytime. i have a new video prepped to go live this friday of naoki at bihoku highland circuit a few weeks ago which we all went to however didn’t manage to drive my car more than a minute on the circuit due to some difficulties.

during the COVID period i have been re-structuring a lot behind the scenes, mainly the storefront, communications and supplier chains for SHIRTSTUCKEDIN. as you probably know there has been very little new products, large releases and many restocks during this time as i’ve used it as a giant refresh for everything in hopes to level everything up and get it to a standard where i am beyond happy with to push through the next decade. i have used this break in the world to take a step back for myself and the brand’s advantage in hopes to push further and more confidently from here on in.

in saying that we have our 2022 world of new release collection available this coming sunday 15th may 9PM ST, monday 16th may 2PM AEST which is going to be featuring a very large range of inventory both new and reformed to SHIRTSTUCKEDIN available for each and every single one of you. i am currently working my way through 40 rolls of developed film, color correcting and finishing off the website in preparations for something amazing next week onwards. from this week onwards we will be posting everything new and restocking via our socials and on the blog, here.

enjoy this photo of the NA S13 on a spring afternoon in it’s new all black look. more updates very shortly. big lovee x

3037 S13 update following up the run-in day at suzuka twin the car has now had it’s full tune setting back at PRO SHOP DIVERSION by satoshi-san making amazing response and power.

brief run-down of the new motor setup: 2.1L SR20DET HKS 87mm pistons HKS 56T 3037 HKS 256 cams final power: 1.47kg low boost 489HP 1.6kg high boost 499HP – i will be posting some photos of the engine bay very soon – big love always caseyyy x


March 16th, 2022

hitomi go meihan sports land c course day. first day back from a long winters break.

another 8+minute RAW onboard video below – placing 2nd in expert class. photos by the talented fujihara-san. enjoy x


February 21st, 2022

NA S13 update the S13 that gets put on the back-burner however that is hopefully going to change from here on in. a very very large thank you to nigel petrie – engineered to slide for making this work-of-art SR20DE exhaust manifold for me and my black, NA S13. a little video of the S13 going back to sky motors for the manifold install, maintenance and general preparations to get it to a level where it is ready to drive whenever.

i will have part 2 out sometime in the next week or so. most of this footage is with my photo camera (1DX Mark III) still learning how to do videos so please tell me what you think! love always, enjoyy x

click here to see this project breakdown being made at ENGINEERED TO SLIDE


February 14th, 2022

few and far in-between these days are new products for the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN inventory range. we are finally at the day of a new release and the first one for the new year, 2022. a few products we have had planned for 12-18 months however has taken quite some time to sample, refine & test as per usual.


SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Leather Duffel Bags
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN V3.5 Driving Force Fluorescent Racing Gloves
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force Leather Shift Knob Boots

the online store will be open today at 8PM PST (USA), 1PM GMT (JAPAN), 2PM AEST (AUS), 3PM AEDST (AUS daylight savings time).
your continued support is forever loved & appreciated, caseyy x