returning back to australia late last year for work and summer after 6 months of no driving it was not only super exciting but nerve-racking getting back to meihan c course. late last year i blew the diff at meihan D course so from that new 4.6 gears were ordered direct from nissan and installed, used 2 way NISMO bought which didn’t even last 5 minutes last weekend. following that i purchased a brand new NISMO GT 1.5 way and felt absolutely magical yesterday with 0 dramas whatsoever. full tank of fuel and a brand new pair of 08R with minimal cars on a weekday is the best chance you get at loads of driving and practice.

naoki was watching for the most part yesterday and got some feedback on what to change and improve. meihan will forever be super difficult and very hard to be consistent so onboard, outside and feedback is essential to improve.

i’ve put together another small, RAW (of course) onboard video from a few runs yesterday, definitely still trying to kill some nerves and get back into the flow of driving a car with power. looking forward to practicing weekly again. your feedback and support is always appreciated. big love & continue to stay healthy and safe! enjoyyy x

May 5th, 2021

first of all i’d like to say thank you to for the extremely positive feedback and comments from the D1GP photos and post that was posted just below and on instagram.

today the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN online store will re-open with a very very small mini-release & re-stock. we are still in the sampling, planning & production stages for a large and new release including an extremely special collaboration hopefully available sometime in June.

today’s new products are our very popular SHIRTSTUCKEDIN nara prefecture logo design in cotton hoodies (small all the way up to 3XL). 4 new 60x180CM full sized nobori flags including a re-stock of all previous and popular designs. the majority of our CLUB stickers have finally been re-stocked also along with many other popular inventory across the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN line. your support towards SHIRTSTUCKEDIN is always appreciated and as always we look forward to getting your purchases and goods to you as quickly and safely as possible. caseyy x

all orders made & processed within the first hour of opening will go into the draw to win a SHIRTSTUCKEDIN full bucket carbon kevlar racing seat.


D1GP 2021 Round 1 & 2

April 28th, 2021

hello! it has definitely been a minute since i’ve picked up the camera and taken photos – this event last year to be precise. this past weekend was the initial round of D1GP 2021 rounds 1 & 2 held at okubuki ski resort in shiga prefecture, kansai. below are a selected amount of photos captured through my lens over the course of 3 days. D1GP cars and styling of course isn’t too precise within my category of cool looking cars however the more i witness this event and these cars driving i can’t help but to appreciate it more and more. the level of this event, dedication and focus is truly wild in person and super blessed to be apart of it.

the next round is held in tsukuba 2000 course (high speed main) mid to late June so hopefully be able to make it up there and continue shooting as many rounds as possible.

we are working on a small mini-release plus re-stock for SHIRTSTUCKEDIN available this coming Monday 2PM AEST Sunday 9PM PST. following this we are looking to have a much larger re-stock of goods and new items May onwards – thank you each and every single one of you for your support as always x

meihan D course RAW onboard video has now been uploaded to our YOUTUBE channel. super relaxed day of driving with friends playing with the car from last october. ended up blowing the 4.6 diff towards the end of the day however i have ordered brand new gears from nissan so hoping to get back out late this month πŸ™‚ x

YAMATO AutoWorks RX-7

April 14th, 2021

it has been a minute since the previous blog post so here is a small one dedicated to the YAMATO AUTO WORKS super-wide FC3S RX-7 at the momotaro densetsu event held in Okayama late 2019. i uploaded a rear end shot of this car via our SNS platforms and many of you requested to see some more photos of this seriously amazing car. lots of updates in coming weeks regarding new releases, a very special collaboration and re-stocked goods.

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another edit from mid last year – meihan sports land c course drift practice day june 24th 2020 in nara prefecture. this is a RAW onboard video from the day starting with solo runs into some fun with friends. car was still 4.3 gearing here. will continue to edit more and more videos from last year i have in files yet to be cut & edited. thank you KOYORAD, STANCE suspension & N-style as always x support SHIRTSTUCKEDIN by checking out the online store below x


the newest product to be added to the DRIVING FORCE family produced by SHIRTSTUCKEDIN: 1980s car interior mood lamps which also double as a cigarette igniter via the top hole of the lamp. these products from tooling all the way through to packaging have been in the works for a little over 20 months and now finally at the stage where we have announced a time & date for them to be ready for purchase below. 6 color variants to be easily match to you car’s interior.

as always thank you, enjoyy the weekend. caseyyyy x

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February 15th, 2021

the following items have been re-stocked and now available via our online store.

– DRIVING FORCE pink marble shift knobs – 12mm x 1.25mm
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F30 In Mikami Auto

February 8th, 2021

perfection F30 leopard in mikami auto, hiroshima.

miss this event, location and times – sadly this event got cancelled a few years ago alongside many other famous kyusha and kaido racer annual meetings. i will be starting to flow through archives from the years and doing regular posts again (most likely with minimal writing) feel free to comment anything specific you’d love to see. caseyyy x