March 29th, 2019

D1GP Exhibition round in Odaiba Tokyo last weekend. After traveling to Japan for many years this was actually my first time present at a D1GP event. Prior to this I had been up in the Kanto region for the past week shooting more grassroots style events and enjoying just being back in the country and taking it all in.

Meeting up with Naoki, Miki & Shane from Kansai to do my best to get some shots and help out where I could over the weekend to support the re- entering of D1GP again for 2019 for Nakamura Naoki.

The first few years I ever got into photography I always looked up to some of the hightest, visually aesthetic and artistic people such as Darren Heath, Yuta Sasaki and still to this day would love to be a professional in F1 or GT500. With that being said I thought D1GP with its day and night scenes, higher level of professionalism with teams, pits, colourful cars and packed out crowds I could go back a few years with some thoughts and creations and try pushing some limits with MF and low speeds and make some scenes with my camera.

I won’t carry on too much as I like to keep writing to a minimal. The below photos are in order from early Friday morning at FNATZ (Nakamura Naoki’s) newest sponsor for the D1GP season with the owner being very well known for 2JZ engine building which suits the S15 perfectly. Giving I am present in Japan I hope to make it to more D1GP events this year.

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