back in march i set off overseas to japan for 6 weeks of work. prior to doing so i had been trying to slot in a brief trip to the USA for the super d matsuri held at grange circuit in apple valley california – the desert. without having anything locked into place i thought it’d be a smart idea to pack up a small handful of stock to send over to the boys at wolfreign motors to on-sell at the event whether or not I would be present. after a couple of weeks in japan and multiple motivated and uplifting phone calls i made the decision to book a 1 week trip to LA return to osaka for super d which was easily one of the best decisions of 2018. this was my first attendance to an event in the USA and i think i can speak for everyone when i say it was nothing short of an extremely fun time. i flew into LA for a night and then drove straight up to the bay area to spend 3 nights helping where i could prepare and finish off what needed to be done to both nakamura naoki and nishio mitsuo’s silvias. these two drivers alongside miki tagaki were special guests for the event and flown over specifically for this.

since starting this simple blog back in 2010 the vision and inspiration for everything has been 100% japanese. with times, styles and periods changing 8 years later here is the first decent-sized blog post shot and documented all in beautiful state of california. below are precisely 138 images i’ve spent some time sorting and editing only just now, apologies for the delay but i was yet to even look through these images until yesterday morning due to work load. enjoy.

in a brief conclusion i want to personally thank each and every person that helped me out along the way, your hospitality made the trip beyond enjoyable! i also want to take this time to thank all the new people i met face to face and all the customers that purchased any kind of SHIRTSTUCKEDIN inventory over the weekend the response was absolutely humbling. to all the people involved within the super d community you guys are onto something special with bringing some proper feeling, driving style and aggression to the USA car world. 2019 let’s.

casey xxx

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