To be honest you’ve probably seen a tonne of photos of this little MX5 around the internet. His name is Eigo-San and he is apart of Team Spirant with Manabu-San. Eigo-San’s NB MX5 is powered by the standard 1.8L with no serious modifications. Here is a few photos of him sliding the rear section of Nikko Circuit. Plenty more to come from the SSRA track day and Team Spirant. Casey x

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  1. skakillers Says:

    If you want to say Eigo-San’s MX-5 you need the の particle, it should read えいごさんのMX-5. I think らいふすたいるぶろぐ should properly be written in katakana, rather than hiragana, as lifestyle and blog are both loanwords from English.

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