R33 Nikko Circuit

June 19th, 2012

One of the neatest cars at the RB Meeting held at Nikko Circuit about 2 months ago. The driving matched the perfection of the car, plenty more photos will be posted soon x

Osaka Castle

June 18th, 2012

With car events and meets scheduled on the calendar almost everyday when I’m in Japan it is always refreshing to venture out to the tourist sites. When we were staying in Osaka we made our way to Osaka Castle which I hadn’t seen on my previous trips. They were quite strict on photographs inside, however we managed to take plenty from the viewing area up top. More to come x

Rolling Raugh-Welt

June 15th, 2012

On my most recent trip I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to not only shoot a variety of RWB cars, but to visit RWBs home in Chiba. With all the hype of these RWB machines over the past 12 months I went to Japan having a pretty good idea how the cars would look and perform in person, however I was completely wrong. Pictures, of course do these crazy machines justice but not enough. To cut a long story short we headed out with Nakai-San and his little helper which was driving this RWB to Idlers at Tsukuba Circuit. Nakai-San was in front, trailering Stella. On the way I managed to get a few rolling shots. I have a bunch more photos but will of course be releasing them slowly. Casey x

Mooneyes 2012

June 13th, 2012

One of the grooviest cars we saw sitting outside a convenience store prior to Mooneyes Odaiba x

June 12th, 2012

This week marks the two year anniversary of the birth of Shirtstuckedin. The story behind the origins of this site is a humble one – it all started purely as a platform from which I could share with you the photographs that never made it to publication with my employers. In short, it was a creative outlet where I could showcase the remainder of my work and give an insight into what happens ‘behind the scenes’. As for the name – well, it was a cold night, I was riding and my shirt and jumper were tucked in to keep me warm. Silly? Yep, I totally agree. Since these humble beginnings I have dedicated myself to keeping Shirtstuckedin stocked with quality content. I have travelled both nationally and internationally, taking you guys – my valued followers, along for the ride with me. Having returned home just days ago from a two month trip to Japan, I have prepared a couple of celebratory surprises to say thank you for joining me on this amazing two year ride. Casey x

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June 11th, 2012

Now that I am back in Australia it’s time to get sorting and start posting up some content for you all. Lets start with the one and only motorFIX E7. It is definitely a different feeling seeing this car in person rather than photos of it pasted throughout social media websites. Nozumu Sakai-San is a unreal driver with a very unique taste in olden Toyota Corollas. It was so surreal to meet him in person and watch him drive this V8 powered KE70 at YZ Circuit a few weeks back. There will be a lot more photos being dropped from this event over the coming weeks x

Thanks Everyone

June 9th, 2012

This will conclude my posts from Japan. Not from what I’ve shot but this will be my final article from Japan before I board a flight back to Australia. I have spent just under 2 months, once again venturing this limitless country. In the 7 weeks of being here I have met so many new faces, travelled just under 5,500km’s by car, train and foot to witness some awesome events, shows and sights. Within those 5,500km’s we have stretched from the Northern prefecture of Miyagi-ken (Sendai) all the way down to Hyogo-ken (Nishiwaki). Each and every time I come to Japan I never really know what I am in for, this trip has once again sprung out at me like a punch in the face with each day progressing into something extremely exciting. Every weekend has been spent shooting constantly which means 1-2 hours of sleep from Friday morning to Sunday night if we were lucky. Throughout the weeks have been more relaxing, checking out places I haven’t the past few times being in Japan and occasionally making our way out to track days or meeting up with friends. Here are some people I’d like to say thanks for everything, especially meeting you after speaking for so long. Park, Joel, Jesse, Ewan, Travis Emily & Andy. Team DLK – Kushunoki Takashi-San, Kimura Shou-San, Ryogo Saitoh-San. Team REVIEW – Shota Sasada-San, Kenji Ariki-San, Nakagawa-San, Idekawa-San, Umeda-San and Sato-San. LOWBRAIN – Yuu-San, Shingo-San, Abe-San Muko-San, Takuya-San. Team Freee’s ☆ – Ryohei-San, Hiroyuki-San, Tatsuya-San and the rest of the team. RWB – Nojima-San, Shinji-San, Nakai-San and Tomotake-San. Luke, Dino, Mark, Max and Tim all the way from the USA for the Hellaflush Kansai at Central Circuit. Honda Boys – Nakamaru-San, Shota-San, Seita-San and Kato-San. Also, my american friends from the base: Colin, Curtis, Charles & Rod. ありがと 皆さん!

With just under 350gb’s, approximately 24,000 digital photos captured and a handful roll of films I’m really looking forward to showcasing what I’ve frozen over the past few months here in Japan. Stay tuned. Casey x

Characterised Zenki

June 8th, 2012

A very characterised Zenki x

June 7th, 2012

This blue RPS13 is one of my favourite cars in Japan. The owner, Nakagawa-San is from Hiroshima alongside 5 other members in their drift team which goes by the name of REVIEW x