You might remember a few weeks ago some videos going viral from Nakamura Naoki’s newest S15 being tested for the first time. Being there and driving with Keisuke, Jamie and Nishio I decided to have a small break when Naoki and Miki showed up just to get some shots of the car prior being loaded to Australia for this years WTAC drift challenge next week in Sydney Australia in which he will be competing in. The initial plan was to head down to Okayama Prefecture to Bihoku Highland Circuit so the car could get up to speed and under some pressure properly however due to the multiple typhoons that hit Honshu over the last few months it was Motorland Suzuka that managed to stay mostly dry.

The newly painted S15 chassis – a 3 color fade painted by Naoki himself welcoming red up front for his newest and largest sponsor VALINO tires fading into pink and purple for the true N-Style feel. This is the same body that he has previously been driving in such as Kansai All Stars in 2017 etc. A few months prior to this day the SR20DET was removed and a 1000HP T88 2JZ that was purchased straight out of a Toyota Aristo, backed up with a holinger gearbox all tuned and set by Garage REMS.

Enjoy the images

This was the first time Nishio from Otokichi Family in Mie had seen the car also.

Shane Bingham from Stacked Inc always by Naoki’s side helping wherever and whenever he can maintain and prep cars.

A strong combination of grippy Valino tires, soft and forgiving Stance coilovers and Naoki’s insanely aggressive, snappy driving this car  lifting wheels off the ground everywhere.

Apart from a water hose popping off after 3-4 sessions and whatever tires were bought there car was somewhat faultless. I have been shooting and spectating Naoki drive for around 8-9 years now and this was one of the fastest and grippiest cars I have probably seen run, period. I wish him all the best at WTAC! If you didn’t get a glimpse of the videos check them out on the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN instagram x

August 8th, 2011

After a huge weekend of Time Attack action I thought it would be a good time to do a post on the blog. The past weekend was completely packed with non-stop action, both days the team and myself were awake for over 20 hours and in that time we were shooting for about 11. As for the rest that consisted of editing and writing. So far we’ve been in Sydney just over a week and only have a few days left which is a little sad. As of today I couldn’t have asked for a better trip with the Speedhunters crew; Matt, Dino and Charles, it’s been very productive. This photo was taken this morning; a gorgeous winters day in Sydney City, over looking the harbour bridge and the Opera House right after we got breakfast at a little cafe` just up the road from this park. Surprisingly the cafe` we got breakfast from had quite a famous actor working behind the coffee machine. For those who watch Packed To The Rafters you might be familiar with the greek fellow who goes by the name of Nick ‘Carbo’ Karadonis

September 26th, 2010

September 13th, 2010

September 11th, 2010