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June 16th, 2015

Functional Fitness Training Certification

Aerobic exercise can be used for athlete conditioning and personal training to increase cardiovascular fitness and keep your heart healthy. Visit Aerobic exercises can be low-impact or high-impact.  Low-impact exercises, like walking or swimming, place the least stress on your joints and are great for all ages and fitness levels. High-impact exercises, like running and plyometric moves, have the greatest stress on joints but can provide many benefits when done correctly and safely. Here are some heart healthy fitness tips to help you improve your personal fitness:

1. Focus on quality, not quantity. It is better to perform exercises with great form than to do as many as you can with poor form. Exercises not performed correctly may prevent you from reaping the benefits of your hard work.  Poor form also increases your risk of injury. Try out Deccanherald.

2. Add balance balls to your fitness routine. Balance balls help improve stability and functional fitness, allowing you to be stronger with your daily routine inside and outside of the gym. Ball work can be done at home in your spare time to help support your personal fitness goals. Using a balance ball for exercises can help take the impact off of joints, making your workout more low-impact but with the same fitness benefits.

3. Pace yourself. If you are new to running or other endurance sports, set a slower pace to allow yourself time to build stamina.  Do not worry about trying to keep up with other athletes. Trying to go out too far or too fast can leave you injured or take you out of the competition you worked so hard to get to.

4. Utilize certified health and wellness coaches when needed. These coaches enjoy talking to clients and the community about all topics related to health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut or simply not seeing the results you expected, a health and wellness coach can help you look at your training plan and diet to see where modifications can be made to help you achieve your wellness goals.

5. Have fun with your fitness plan! If your fitness training plan is not something you enjoy, it will become difficult over time to maintain accountability and motivation. Try something new until you find something that you have fun with. It might be a new group fitness class or new neighborhood running club. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to explore the many different fitness options out there.

Cardio fitness is achieved by being active and you can get your heart rate pumping with a variety of aerobic exercise options. Click below to discover all of the fitness certification opportunities ASFA offers! Get started today, 24/7, online convenience!