It has once again been a minute since I’ve done any kind of writing on the blog. The last time was obviously the 326 Power FC3S resting slowly which definitely caught some attention. Recently I have purchased a S15 off a good friend of mine to get into a quicker, grippier car which I have wanted for quite some time. Read more below x










I have been spending some free hours here and there changing and tweaking a few things. The engine and setup is S15 SR20DET with genuine TRUST mid mount manifold and TD06L2 to match with 355HP at 1.4kg of boost.

A few weekends ago I finally had the chance to open a box I have been meaning to open containing brand new Origin Labo fenders for the front and rear. Previously the car was pretty railed so the guards both front and rear needed some attention. Christian from Corporal Industries here in Australia was without a doubt the person to contact and purchase some freshly gel coated 40mm front & 30mm rear overs from.

The front wheels are 17x9J 0  235/40/17 and a 30mm spacer. Rear is 18×9.5J +12 255/35/18 which should sit really well with new rear guards also.

Next is to focus on getting the rears on, knuckles and lock-stops in and re-doing the rear half of the exhaust. Following that I want to clean a few more panels up and get it ready for paint but will be sure to continue some regular updates on the new machine. Casey x