D1 divisional bihoku highland circuit round 3. qualifying 2nd place in tanso (qualifying) and 1st place overall in tsuiso (battles). the last round will be held at bihoku highland circuit once again on the 19th november to conclude the series. new youtube RAW below + a few images from the day x

Bihoku Highland, Okayama

April 3rd, 2012

Bihoku Highland Circuit, Okayama, Japan 2011.

KP61 at Bihoku Highland

March 31st, 2012

For all the KP61 fans. This little Kp61 sitting on XR-4’s and Watanabe’s was such a perfect little car sitting in the pits of Bihoku.

TJ x Casey Attack Bihoku

March 30th, 2012

The roll of film I’ve been waiting for. The last drift day of our tour last year from the Kansai region of Japan. A few days before we departed we headed down south to Okayama which is in between Osaka and Hiroshima, almost exactly half way. The drive is about 3 hours on the expressway which passes through a handful of long, dark tunnels that cut through a gorgeous range of mountains. Exiting the expressway and finding the circuit is a little difficult but once you’re on the right track it’s a very scenic trip. In case you didn’t notice Bihoku is located on top of a mountain top, therefor it receives a mass amount of snow in the colder seasons which you have probably seen throughout videos on the internet.

Entering the gates of Bihoku, I was expecting to see the Highland Circuit immediately, however, it was this little track that you first drive past in order to get to the Highland Circuit which is located just behind this one. After spending some time prepping the cars and having a little chat to the locals TJ and myself decided to go on the A Circuit as there was not a single car driving it. So, without any more talking here are a handful of photos I managed to capture whilst TJ was tearing up Bihoku in his RPS13.

The first track is so tight which has plenty of elevation…

…running through trees…

…down into super tight hairpins.

Hopefully on our next trip we’ll be able to head down to Bihoku again!

March 12th, 2012

When you think of Bihoku Circuit, I’m sure the majority of you think of the Highland layout which is the one above, yes the quick, snappy, 3rd gear entry that rides along a huge dirt bank that has claimed too many cars over the years. It was a last minute decision after dinner the night before that a few of us boys head down to Okayama from Sakai to Bihoku, which isn’t a short drive. Arriving nice and early at the circuit we basically had it all to ourselves besides another 4-5 cars, consisting of AE86’s, JZX and a KP61.

When you enter the gates to Bihoku you have to drive past this little circuit to get out the back where the Highland track is. I have never heard, or seen any photos of this particular track at Bihoku so I was super stoked when I saw it! Todd and I spent a few hours on this throughout the day, shooting in black and white film. The course is very tight from little crests that run through trees and extra tight hairpins. I can’t wait to show the rest of this set x

Bihoku Highland

January 17th, 2012

Bihoku Highland – Okayama, Japan x

Bihoku Misc

January 4th, 2012

Happy new year everyone! I just got back from a 5 night getaway with the crew down the coast. Now that I’m back and have a few more rolls of film developed from Japan it’s time to get things back up to speed on the site. Here is a photo of Buck and TJ chilling out at Bihoku Highland.

August 30th, 2011

Bihoku Highland Circuit – Okayama Japan.

Todd taking on Bihoku in his Type-X RPS13 – such a gorgeous day.