May 16th, 2022

one of the largest collection of products for SHIRTSTUCKEDIN to date. i have spent a lot of time over the past 12-18 months re-structuring a lot of things back-end to the brand and the storefront to push forward with more products in the most confident and stoked mindset i can be in. certain suppliers for certain products have been suspended which has lead to finding a lot more suppliers here locally in japan which is very hard and sought out these days. a lot has gone into this collection of goods and a lot of changes implemented to give us a very good base to keep the inventory line of SHIRTSTUCKEDIN pushing in a direction we strongly want for the next 10 years.

SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force V2 Carbon Kevlar Racing Seats – PRE ORDER
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force Crystal Shift Knobs – MADE IN JAPAN
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Acrylic Flaked Key Rings
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Alloy Laser Cut Number Plates
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Staff Bench Jackets
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force New Logo Mechanic Gloves
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force V2 New Logo Side Cushions
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN Driving Force V2 New Logo Drink & Tobacco Holders
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Full Sized Nobori Flags
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Mini Sized Nobori Flags – MADE IN JAPAN
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Logo Sweat Towels
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Vinyl Sticker Range
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Club Sticker Range
SHIRTSTUCKEDIN New Window Banner Sticker Range

below is a very thorough and visual outline as to what is going to be newly available today. your support to myself, SHIRTSTUCKEDIN and everything creative is seriously beyond appreciated and anything i can transcript into text on a blog post. thank you always, loveeeeeeee. caseyyyyy x


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