S13 Update

August 23rd, 2012

If you remember a couple of months ago I posted this article on my new car. Selling my old KE70 was a good, but a bad decision. I had to do it in order to go to Japan, period. When I was in Japan I noticed how much I missed having a chassis that I could pretty much spend money on and play around with. Since returning I found a clean PS13 which has kept me busy these past few months. So here is a little update on it.

I purchased the car dead standard. Since then I have done a few simple, essential changes such as: 4.3 shimmed R200 diff, Silkroad RM/A8 coilovers front and rear, Driftworks caster arms, 16×7 +30 AVS6 front and rear tyre sizes being 205/50/16 up front and 205/55/16 on the rear filling the guards a little more. The engine has been left alone apart from removing all the emissions. Today I got a Exedy Heavy Duty clutch fitted from the guys at Workshop One who did a really clean and swift job not only installing the new clutch but refreshing the gearbox oil and checking over the car for me. I drove the car in at 8:30am and left by 11:00am. If you’re a local around the South East QLD area be sure to hit these guys up for any type of car related work. Next week I will be getting a full exhaust fitted up by a good friend of mine – Nathan Domorow who has just transitioned into full-time fabrication work. You can check his site out here: http://www.effsquared.com/. More updates on that next week! A few other little things such as GT-R swaybars and seats are going to be put in this week sometime but that is about as far as I’ll go, for now anyway. The car, exterior wise is going to remain how it is in this photo, lowered slightly with 16″ wheels. More updates coming soon x

3 Responses to “S13 Update”

  1. Ben Says:

    Haha you took the wing off, good shit man keep it up! 😉

  2. Ted Persing Says:

    Looks good, man.

  3. Skappy Says:

    Man i wish i would’ve never smashed my old AVS VS-6’s 🙁

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