Happy 86 Day

August 6th, 2012

With all my Japanese photos spread across terabytes and terabytes of hard-drives there is one realist that came to mind – Yusuke Nojima-San. I thought I would share this particular shot specifically for 8/6 Day 2012. This day was definitely a highlight on my most recent trip to the motherland. I got to spend the day with part of the RWB Family being Shinji and Nojima. Personally I don’t think we could have picked a better location to contrast the serious looking circuit car. I hope you all enjoy and hope you’ve had a killer day in remembering such a inspiring chassis x

5 Responses to “Happy 86 Day”

  1. SelmasSan Says:

    Superb 86!

  2. dan_japan Says:

    Awesome shot !! Can you tell me what lens did you used on this shot ? Look very nice. Love all your work ! Congratulations from France.

  3. LaT1NaSo Says:

    Such an awesome looking car! Great shot.

  4. D.i.a.d Says:

    Great shot man, Looks Rad!

  5. Chris E Says:

    Beautiful. Any possibility of a desktop? If I had a place to put it I would pay for a print!

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