Before I left for Japan I remember finding a small selection of images of one of the absolutely slammed Skyline’s. After Hellaflush Kansai had finished I was shooting along the main road exiting the circuit when I saw two very low R32’s in the distance. Neither of the cars had entered the show so it is still a mystery where they came from, maybe a track day or something? x

10 Responses to “シャコタン スカ’S”

  1. Jadon Says:

    Wow! Some of the nicest r32’s I’v seen! Those two are sick. Great post man, love your stuff, always good.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Do you know what that front kit is?

  3. brennan Says:

    Casey, im gonna take a random guess and say they WEREN’T participating in a trackday hahahaha

  4. CaseyD Says:

    brennan: What makes you say that? I have many photos of these two dudes drifting at circuits.

  5. Levon Says:

    Wow… Can we get these as wallpapers? 😀

    Makes me want my old skyline back…

  6. andylaurel Says:

    Lol those things are so low.
    The streets of Osaka must be smooth as silk, because they’d last about 5 mins up here in Hokkaido.

  7. Jaredadao Says:

    So scary these make me wanna get one soo bad

  8. Emir Says:

    I wanna see pics of them drifting!!

  9. brennan Says:

    Casey: fuckkk! are you serious?? the cunt is scraping just driving on a straight road! i mean theres commit and there’s japan commit. From a geometric point of view, there’s no amount of castor that will allow the tyre NOT to rub the gaurd on full lock haha!

  10. Albert Says:

    Hey Casey can you post more pics of these two also vids of drifting or at least where I can see more they’re amazing 🙂

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