Shibuya & Shimokitazawa

July 20th, 2012

During the week I would try and venture out as much as possible. When I wasn’t shooting cars I was capturing other side of Japan. On a few occasions I met up with a friend called Ben who is from England, living in Tokyo. Chilling out around Shibuya during peak hour was definitely something to take in. Soon after, we rode about 15 minutes to a place called Shimokitazawa. This particular area in Tokyo is by far a personal favourite. Boasting its second hand thrifted stores and mouth watering yakitori bars it was the perfect spot to spend a Spring afternoon. After a few drinks and a couple of sake’s we made our way down the one way streets to a Shisha Bar ran by Taiga-San, cool name huh? This place was so relaxing, apart from the fact your head would start spinning after a few minutes. He serves drinks along with a ¥800 shisha with a countless number of different smoke from his tiny water pipes with flavours to choose from. Without a doubt will be back to see Taiga-San when I’m back in Tokyo x

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