Seita-San’s Honda

July 15th, 2012

Seita Takano-San’s CB3 Accord, powered by a H22A, sporting a full set of 15″ TE37V’s built purely for the mountains of Hakone. You can expect a full feature of this street machine in the iconic Super Street Magazine in the coming months x

4 Responses to “Seita-San’s Honda”

  1. sofried Says:

    ironic? iconic?

    amazing car though

  2. cb7cruiser Says:

    Badass CB.

  3. Michael Says:

    im looking forward to more pictures on the Ef Hatches you seen out there ! thanks

  4. TheGarageLife Says:

    Fell in love with this cb as soon as I opened up the pages in superstreet dec. 12. Keep doing what you do man we love it

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