June 27th, 2012

On the last week of my trip one of my good friends Ryohei Takahashi-San opted for us to cruise out of central Tokyo and meet up with the rest of his team mates – Team Freee’s . We shortly found ourselves about 30km’s past Ebina / Atsugi before we stopped in a PA along the highway to meet up with the rest of the crew. If you’re asking yourself where you remember this car from I could almost bet you’re thinking of Hellaflush at Fuji Speedway late last year. Prior to travelling to Japan I once again never actually thought I’d see this car, let alone sitting in a PA. The driver goes by the name of Yo-San and is a full-time painter – the craziest and coolest Japanese person I have met, period. The car currently has no shakken aka registration and no license plates. The current plates on the car specifically say ‘FUCK 50 FREE’SWE MESS AROUND IN TOKYO-KANAGAWA AREA‘. Pretty cool if you ask me. Don’t worry, I took way too many photos of this car that night and also got some highway shots. There will be lots and lots to come, along with the remaining team cars. Enjoy x

3 Responses to “Yo-San”

  1. Jason Williams Says:

    Incredible car. Just dropping some love from down in South Africa. We are big fans of your work man. Keep it up.

  2. alex datsun Says:

    Lol gotta love japanese stylimg, sparkly reptar!!

  3. Yordy Kolner Says:

    I really love this car, props to the owner for creating an unique car.

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