Low Cars and Convennie’s

June 26th, 2012

On the way to the mountains in our first week of the trip we stopped quite a few times before reaching the destination due to it being so far from central Tokyo. Here is a shot of Muko-San’s GX71. Beine a very good friend of the LOWBRAIN crew he was always up to do anything at anytime. One of the nicest fellows I met on the trip with an awesome attitude towards everything and was always down to help out where he could x

3 Responses to “Low Cars and Convennie’s”

  1. Albert アルバート Says:

    Beautiful x7. The neon lighting completes this.

  2. Igor Belkin Says:

    What size wheels and tyres?

  3. muko Says:

    thank’s!!!! 9×14″(-19) 195-55/14(TOYO T1R)

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