June 20th, 2012

The night we drove 3 hours away from Tokyo to meetup with the LOWBRAIN crew who took us to some of their favourite touge in Kanto. Here is a shot of their most recent build, the Missile S14 powered by a naturally aspirated SR. Getting back into central Tokyo around 7:30am to sleep was totally worth it, more to come x

8 Responses to “Touge”

  1. mikeyee Says:

    they drive 3 hours away for street action!!?
    mann, so awesome.

  2. Haniryoku Says:

    No.. ”They drove 3 hours to meetup”, Lowbrain located near Kanagawa south of Tokyo and is a bit of a mission to drive.

    But agree, awesome times. L-Brain my most favourite street team at the moment.

  3. Braden Says:

    Any specs on this sucker, or more photos?

  4. Casey Says:

    def hope theres more coverage on this 14!

  5. Shahin Says:

    n/a sr’s are badass

  6. Nic Says:

    Reckon you should edit out his plate :/

  7. CaseyD Says:

    It’s okay, it’s temp shakken and there is nothing illegal going on!

  8. Nelson Ayra Says:

    Hey, I noticed a lot of your digital shots have a film like look to them. Do you this on purpose or its just the way it comes out? Do you see a difference from when you shoot car events in film compared to digital?

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