Mexican In Japan

March 19th, 2012

Staying in the heart of Osaka last year meant we were in for a culinary treat. Though Osaka boasts some of the most amazing traditional cuisine in the whole of japan, it was a little mexican place that caught our attention. From outside it felt like the restaurant was going to be jam packed as we literally had to bend down to be able to walk through the doorway, individually that is.

Inside there is is not one wall that has been left blank whether it be mexican beer bottles that have been sitting around for decades or sombreros pinned against the wall. When you’re seated there are a few markers sitting at the table which allows you to sign, autograph or tag whatever you feel is necessary on the walls, if there is a free space.

Just behind our seat we found a tiny gap on the Corona logo where I left my mark along with K-Tours on behalf of everyone. Putting aside all the crazy writing and mexican props everywhere it is by far the biggest, most amazing Mexican I’ve tried to this day x

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