Nights In Osaka

March 1st, 2012

My second trip to Japan was quite like the first only in Osaka rather than Tokyo. From disembarking off the plane to checking into our hotel in Osaka it wasn’t long before we were out the front door exploring what was at our fingertips. I have had a bunch of friends from time to time visit Japan and haven’t seen as much as they’d like to, it definitely pays to explore.

As I never leave the hotel without my cameras I’m always looking for cool things to shoot whether it be cars parked on the road, architecture and, or food. Whilst walking from our hotel into the heart of Shinsaibashi I heard quite a loud noise coming off the main road into a side street, little did I know it was a trio of Kaido Racers slash plates and all. The rest of the group didn’t take much notice apart from having their jaws down to their knees and drool coming out, however, me on the other hand, running down the street trying to capture a photo with my film camera. The result… This! A little blurry I know, but it means a lot to me.

Here, you can get a better view on things as the three low, loud and wide cars cruise down a side street in Shinsaibashi. Unbelievable experience that’s for sure x

2 Responses to “Nights In Osaka”

  1. Josh Says:

    The combination of a film camera and the blurring really add to the feel of these photos. Don’t know how to describe it. Makes me want to travel to Japan so much more!

  2. Derrick Says:

    The photos of the 3 cars heading down the road are just amazing. Ive always wanted to travel to japan and just seeing these shots give me the excited chills as if i were standing on the sidewalk as they passed by. Thanks for sharing.

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