Defected 26.02.2012

February 26th, 2012

Defected – 26.2.12. Last night I got defected but got off pretty lucky, time to order some new parts and make the car a whole lot groovier! x

3 Responses to “Defected 26.02.2012”

  1. Odd Couple Says:

    How exactly does being ‘defected’ impact your vehicle? Does that mean it’s pulled from the road until a further inspection? What’d they actually have a quarrel with? I’m intrigued, as your car is pretty modest.

  2. CaseyD Says:

    I was quite lucky, usually you get fined per defect which usually becomes a ‘major’ which then you get told to fix everything and prove you’ve done so by showing it either to the department of transport or local police station. I got fined for just driving a defective vehicle which was $100 and 1 point and it’s self clearing so the car doesn’t have to go anywhere. There were a few things wrong such as, too low, wheels scrubbing on the back, bald front tyres and the rear lights weren’t working properly. Pretty thankful I got off so easy.

  3. Odd Couple Says:

    That’s unfortunate. But, at least they’re all an easy fix.

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