November 9th, 2011

As I’ve stated in previous Japanese posts. The moment you set foot on the aircraft there is non stop thoughts about what Japan is going to look like, what cars you’re going to witness, what people you’re going to meet, more so on the first time you go. However, the second trip for me was no different, I was just as excited and will be every time I board a flight to Japan, period. There have been 3 AE86’s in the past that I think everyone are familiar with, the BRIDE AE86’s.

Our first drift day, only 48 hours on Japan soil I met the car in person. I’m unsure if you know but this car was actually purchased off the original owner a few years ago but still gets driven regularly. The current owners name goes by Kuniaki Konishi-san.

The car seems to be in the exact shape it was when the first owner built and drove it. I have to say it was quite a day seeing this little thing running around Motorland Suzuka. To see the full feature on this car, click here.

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