D1GP Supermade Onevia

November 8th, 2011

During my time in Japan I have been lucky enough to be faced one on one with a few D1GP cars, I even attended the final round of D1GP Street Legal around this time last year at the Tsukuba 1000 Circuit, if you look back through the pages on the blog you’ll find heaps of snaps. I have to say it’s so awesome seeing a D1GP car nowadays such as the Supermade Onevia still rocking 15″ wheels. The amount of speed and grip this car has is mind blowing.

The car itself is just so photogenic.

2 Responses to “D1GP Supermade Onevia”

  1. Glenny Says:

    ZOMG my fav car in ze world!

    Seeing this drifting in person was an inspiration.

  2. Jarrad Says:

    Definitely need some wallpapers of this asap! 🙂

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