You might remember hearing about some illegal drifting that happened after the Hellaflush x Fuji Speedway meeting a few weeks ago. I managed to find some videos on youtube of the cars doing some illegal stunts inside Fuji Speedway itself. Make sure you hit 720P, enjoy.

9 Responses to “Drifting @ Hellaflush x Fuji Speedway”

  1. R1CHYY Says:

    First video!!!

  2. Zee Says:

    I was there for this ……took no video

  3. jay ginga burns Says:

    oooooohhh i want that rocket bunny s13

  4. Joshua Says:

    videos my Kenny at Fatlace – cool stuff!

  5. LA Says:

    Always wanted to do this…. not enough balls…..

  6. Ben Says:

    It would take the Japanese to drift at a Hellaflush meet. Awesome stuff!

  7. kenny Says:

    Ohh man, was hoping not a ton of people would find it but all good haha. By the way, big fan of your site man! keep it up!!!

    my blog:

  8. andy Says:

    dude in the yellow 14 is going soo hard, haha, dope.

  9. Davy Says:

    Japanese dudes rule. That is all.

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