September 20th, 2011

Ever since I shot and edited my first video from my last trip to Osaka it’s been something I’ve wanted to do again. Last night I noticed a solid amount of footage that was just sitting in my iPhoto galleries alongside thousands of photographs so I thought I’d try my best to mix all the footage into a clip for you guys to see how cool Meihan Sports Land really is. As you know you can only express so much through a photograph so it’s always good to see some live action too. Click HD and enjoy. Casey x

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  1. drift kid Says:

    man i can’t wait to go to Japan, it looks like soo much fun 😀 great video man, much enjoyed watching it 🙂

  2. richie Says:


  3. Jimmy Says:

    Awesome! love it.

  4. Marvis Says:

    Oh man!

  5. Nama Says:

    Hi I’m Nama from Chile and always visit your page because you love JDM and show us the real deal of JDM cars from Japan.
    So I want to do a little article about your site to present our visitors the cool stuff that you have here.
    If you accept just send me a “yes” to my mail and I will prepare the article.
    Cool video keep forward.

  6. CaseyD Says:

    Go for it Nama!

  7. Alan Says:

    SICK footage. sick editing, sick music. Awesome all around very very great video.

  8. Mori7 Says:

    wait wait wait… did this guy at 3:10 kicked the freakin bottle with is spoiler?????
    Awesome video, I watched it 3 times in a row!

  9. andy Says:

    another great video man, love the ending as well, haha.

  10. steveM Says:

    cant get enough of this footage. Great job editing to the driving and not the music, excellent choice. Now only wish I could have been there.

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