August 25th, 2011

Thursday August 25th 2011: 106 days since I’ve been to Japan and I’m having bad withdrawals. I want to go back. Searching through photos from my first trip I couldn’t resist to post this characterised looking Mark II JZX 100. The feeling I got when I looked at this photo was a real shock, it was an instant flashback from my experiences in Japan and it’s just given me more of a reason to return. This was definitely one of the greatest nights of my life. After a full day out at Fuji Raceway we returned back into Tokyo and thought we’d drop by the ever so famous Daikoku PA in Yokohama, little did we know what we were about to see. Shortly, I will be sending just under 400 35mm shots to Chris to get scanned onto disks so I can get them up on the blog and let me tell you I can’t wait to show you them! In the meantime I will be posting random photos from both of my trips to Japan. 

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  1. richie Says:

    my bday wooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Jordy Says:


  3. We’re back! | FR SEDAN Says:

    […] I do that, I’ll share this cool photo with you guys, courtesy of the always-amazing shirtstuckedin […]

  4. Jonas Says:

    Hey,nice photo! I have to say that this post is exactly what I´ve been through.

    I went to Japan and had plans to stay for 2 months and stayed for 8.I got back to my country abt 01 year ago and every single day I think about going returning to Japan.

    This Mark II and the chaser are my friends cars!!I sent the link to them and they were glad and asked me to told you that you are more then welcome if you want to seat next to them to a ride!

    Can you let me know your e-mail?I can send you some pics of this cars,if you want of course.At the moment its black!!

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