June 27th, 2011

The wheels might’n fit the car perfectly but needless to say I was stoked when this C33 rolled in on 15″ Longchamp XR4’s up front and SSR Mesh on the rear. One thing I miss about the older days is the amount of cars that used to run 14/15 and 16’s, whereas today it’s mostly 17/18’s. I will definitely be posting more of this 4 door very soon.

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  1. Andrew Says:

    yeaaaaaaah buddy! keep em coming!

  2. Kyle S Says:

    These are 15’s? Okay, this settles it; I’m definitely sticking some 16’s or maybe even 15’s on my Cressida

  3. Ryan Gillin Says:

    love it Casey! super keen to see more of this Laurel!

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