May 31st, 2011

Over the past few nights I’ve been quite busy with a personal project. 48 hours ago I set myself a little challenge of making a small clip using random Japanese footage, seeing as it just sits in iPhoto getting old I thought I can share it with you guys. Last night I spent the night reading and watching videos on Youtube on Final Cut Pro tutorials to try and get my head around the basics. I have to put it to videographers, cutting and editing a clip is a whole different ball game. After converting all the footage to Prores 422 and importing it into FCP I began cutting up footage and matching it with a song. By 12PM yesterday (still hadn’t slept) I had something finished which I was pretty happy with. Shortly after I passed out and woke up at 7:30PM.

I’ve decided to upload it and share it on here with you guys. The first clip will be of this unforgettable night in Nagoya street drifting with some of the best, the D1 Mind Control S15’s. Some amazing photos and videos were captured and I really look forward to sharing it with all my readers. Stay tuned, for now I’ll let you froth over this image of them. One last thing, as you know I don’t watermark any of my images and I don’t really mind them getting around the web, but please if you do decide to share them on another sites please just give a quick link back to here or my Facebook fan page. Thankyou very much.

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