May 23rd, 2011

The ever so famous entry at Bihoku. This track is located between Osaka and Hiroshima in a little down by the name of Okayama on the peak of a mountain. The drive up the hill is absolutely amazing, it’s pretty much what you’d expect any Japanese mountain road to be, tight hairpins the whole way up. As usual the track was ever so surreal upon arrival, little did I know there were 2 circuits at Bihoku, A & B. This, the main circuit is B which I’m sure is the one you a familiar with. A circuit is a little different, if you take a look out the back of this one you’ll notice many trees which is where the circuit A is. It consists of stupidly tight corners, driving through a little forest and jumping over raised crests. I can’t wait to show you photos of it off my 35mm.

The first image was a crop of this one. This is another reason why I’m in love with my 5d2. Here is the booth for the famous judges that look over Bihoku on many competitive days such as D1, MSC and many more. The little hut is currently getting renovated and strengthened so I had to sneak in it to get this photo for you. Stay tuned for photos from my 35mm

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