May 18th, 2011

Ever wanted to see the interior of one of the coolest drift cars in Japan, look no further than Naoki Nakamura’s PS13. I know I always post photos of this car but seriously I can’t get enough so I hope you don’t mind!

For the two Meihan track days we attended in Japan, one being the Meister Cup and Wreck `Em we were lucky enough to have Nakamura attend both days. At the first event he rolled in driving his ever so popular pink/purple PS13, however on the Wreck `Em day he drove in, with slash plates in his D1GP S15 which was mind blowing seeing that thing roll off the highway into the pits. That day I was lucky enough to experience tandem drifting in his D1GP car with the D1SL M-Bros S15. Needless to say it’s up there with one of the greatest days of my life.

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  1. govich Says:

    you’re not the only huge Nakamura fan out there! keep them coming as far as i’m concerned. heaps jealous you got to ride along. cheers

  2. McBandy Says:

    Is it not a bit dangerous having a metal hook by your head?!

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