March 30th, 2011

As of the past couple of days I’ve been assigning myself to some personal photography projects. A year or two ago I worked with strobes for a couple of shoots, I never really enjoyed it so I stuck with what I love best, natural light. Back on subject I’ve been speaking with some people and browsing the web of lighting cars properly, nothing half-assed. After reading for a couple of hours yesterday I managed to find a fluro light in my house and tested it out on mums VW Golf in the garage, not doing too badly I was immediately addicted. Today I woke up and headed to the lighting store and picked up a 4ft fluorescent light which plugs straight into a power outlet. As soon as I got home I headed straight back to the garage to do both exterior and interior photos. The main reason I’m doing this is for a shoot I’m doing tonight which will be my first night feature.

My camera was setup outside the car on a tripod. 20sec, f/11, ISO50 on a 10 second timer to allow me to jump in the car and locate myself to light inside. I took a few exposures and light the interior from a few different places. I noticed in all the photos the light was really visible so I put the camera on live view, and clicked the record button. Jumping back in the car I began to spread the light across the interior and then pulled away to review the video. Reviewing it gave me an idea on where to put the light and where NOT to put the light so it was a good little test. Setting the camera back up and firing a few exposures by lighting different areas of the interior the shots seemed okay. This was the final result of the interior photo which I’m reasonably impressed about, it’s still a little patchy/blotchy but it will take time, I’m still quite new to the Layer Mask tool in Photoshop too! I’ll keep you updated on how I go tonight! I feel quite excited, it almost feels I’m entering a new era of photography!

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  1. Ramien Says:

    Very nice Casey!! Good job. Lets see the updates.


  2. David Says:

    I love the interior lighting shots like this. I don’t have much experience myself, but your photo looks truly professional. VW should have used this shot while advertising the Golf. Seriously, well done.

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