January 23rd, 2011

After a full day of action at Fuji Raceway, we were yet again blessed with a great number of cars parked up at Daikoku PA located in Yokohama Bay. One thing about our Japan trip, we didn’t have time to scratch our backsides, Day in, day out we always had a packed schedule. Nigel managed to sneak into this photo having a closer look at the rear.
Rather then the images sitting in iPhoto, I’ll try my best to get every single photo I took on the blog.

This JZX rocked in at about 09:30PM alongside a JZX 100 Mark II, which I’ll be showing you some images of in the next post.

I strongly believe that 4 door sedans and Work VSKF’s work extremely well together. If I ever move to Japan, I would definitely consider one of these.

January 21st, 2011

January 20th, 2011

For most, it is seen as a lovely picturesque mountain with a gorgeous white peak. For me I wasn’t so lucky. As we ventured to one of the worlds best race tracks, Fuji Raceway I captured this image of the ever so popular Mt. Fuji. I love this photo of the mountain just because it’s not cliche. My point I’m trying to get across to each of you is how large the mountain actually is. Take a look at the mountain at the bottom of the frame, that itself is quite large. Looking beyond that is the base of Fujiyama hiding it’s beauty beneath the clouds. For my next trip to Tokyo I plan to climb it.

January 19th, 2011

Shooting MSC was one of the happiest days of my life. The competition layout is so perfect for both shooting and spectating. In saying that, the track itself was mind blowing witnessing it all in real life, it was ever so surreal.

As the sun set over Mobara Twin Circuit, the final stages of the competition took place. At this time in the afternoon, I have to say perfect would be an understatement. Switching on the headlights made for even better images. I absolutely love this set of Mori-san which is the boss of Auto Service Mori, for his age he is an unbelievably talented driver.

Exiting the long, consistent 3rd gear left hander, there was a spot where the sun would light the car for about 1-2 seconds before it blasted back into the shadows.

January 19th, 2011

Building nothing but unbelievably well balanced cars, John Dollison from Ausoku rocked up with this midnight purple PS13 at the previous Autumn Matsuri.

2 weeks prior to the Autum Matsuri, the car was looking far from this, in fact it wasn’t even a rolling shell. The Kansai boys worked continuously day and night in preparing the car for 3 days of non-stop drifting I’m sure John got to know the car quite well during the 11 hour drive from Osaka to Nihonmatsu.
I remember working on some images one night at the Urban Hotel and hearing a couple of rumbling cars enter the street. Looking down from the 5th level onto a side street in Japan with this PS13 alongside Shane Bingham’s 180SX and Erin’s C33 was pretty surreal. Shortly after they parked up, a group of guys with a 100% standard AE86 parked at the local 7-11 sprinted over and were completely loosing it over the cars! I feel so privileged that I was able to not only shoot the car, but have access to the West course 西 回路 at Ebisu Circuit. It will definitely be a day to remember. I look forward to seeing it hit the mountain again in 3 months time for the Spring Matsuri!

January 18th, 2011

January 18th, 2011

January 18th, 2011

January 18th, 2011

Traffic law violation: Suspected drift racers arrested, Minoo, Osaka.
After investigation of repeated dangerous driving the mountain region of Minoo, Prefectural Police Transportation Investigation Division have announced that professional racer and suspect Naoki Nakamura (28) of Nara Prefecture, Sakurai City is among sixteen men charged on suspicion of reckless driving.
Mr Nakamura was arrested in the early morning on the first of August last year at Aomatani road in Minoo City after using a modified car to slide at high speeds (drifting) in a dangerous manner.
Mr Nakamura is a domestic drift competition champion. “I wanted to practice” the suspect has admitted.
Akira Chatani
The following Day the D1 Press released this:
Media Release regarding Naoki Nakamura
According to a newspaper report dated January 11th, D1 Grand Prix participant Naoki Nakamura was arrested by the Osaka Prefectural Police Transportation Investigation Division on suspicion of reckless driving traffic violations in the early morning hours of August 1, 2010, after drifting on a road in the mountains of Osaka Prefecture.
We feel this regrettable incident is contrary to the sportsman’s code of conduct for a D1 licence holder. To all of the other earnest, striving competitors, to the fans who are cheering at our events and to everyone else involved, I apologise for this scandal from the bottom of my heart.
After hearing from the person himself of the severity of his arrest, an official staff meeting was held at which it was decided to suspend all his appearances at our events for an indefinite period.
The core focus of the D1 Grand Prix corporation is the sporting development of circuit-based drifting, allowing drivers to show the art and skill of their technique and car control in judged competition.
Drifting events are held in over 35 countries around the world, and D1 is a pioneer and world leader in drift competition. This means we must strive to practice a proper competition and follow policy in recognition of our position.
Following this incident, we will be striving to foster future awareness of this issue among our competitors.
January 13, 2011
D1 Corporation Co., Ltd.
President and Board Representative, Osamu Suzuki
(source) NORI YARO

January 17th, 2011

I’m sure a lot of you have been keeping up to date with the latest news regarding Naoki Nakamura-san. Nakamura-san was published in the papers due to getting arrested for illegal street drifting in Minou, just north of Osaka. Dino Dalle Carbonare from Speedhunters stated at the Tokyo Autosalon; “The big news at the show yesterday was that Naoki Nakamura of Team Burst was once again arrested for illegal street drifting. At the same time the sentencing from a previous offense came through, consisting of a two-year driver’s license suspension and a pretty hefty fine. Upon hearing this, the D1 Corporation instantly banned him indefinitely from competing in D1 Grand Prix and D1 Street Legal. Today, some of the D1 Corporation people headed over to the D-Max stand where his cars are on display and removed his name from both, along with the D1 windscreen banners.” I do feel sorry for Nakamura-san, he is by far one of my favourite drivers throughout Japan and definitely one of the top drivers. It’s such a shame he will be deleted from the D1 division all together
“I wanted to practice” Nakamura stated. What a badass. I’d give anything in the world to see this man slide up the hills of Osaka.
I wish all the best for Nakamura. Hopefully this all blows over soon enough and I hope to see him banging it off the wall at Meihan alongside the other members from Team Burst in early May this year.