January 23rd, 2011

After a full day of action at Fuji Raceway, we were yet again blessed with a great number of cars parked up at Daikoku PA located in Yokohama Bay. One thing about our Japan trip, we didn’t have time to scratch our backsides, Day in, day out we always had a packed schedule. Nigel managed to sneak into this photo having a closer look at the rear.
Rather then the images sitting in iPhoto, I’ll try my best to get every single photo I took on the blog.

This JZX rocked in at about 09:30PM alongside a JZX 100 Mark II, which I’ll be showing you some images of in the next post.

I strongly believe that 4 door sedans and Work VSKF’s work extremely well together. If I ever move to Japan, I would definitely consider one of these.

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  1. Tony240Z Says:

    I never thought a silver JZX100 could look this good. How I wish I could buy one in Europe…

  2. kmakzi Says:


  3. TRD JZX100 Says:

    Ok, I own a JZX100, but why is it that when you see photos like these of Chasers in the wild, they just look sooo much better? lol

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