January 19th, 2019

After 30+ hours of driving, trains and walking I’m finally back in Tokyo after another 2 unforgettable days spent down south in Hiroshima for the Bad Stance Meet held buy Bad Quality x Review. The day prior to the meet Nakagawa-san and Idekawa-san took us to some of their friends workshops around their home town x

Too many memories, thoughts and words jump into my head when I stare at this picture. Sessions x Y32 Cima x


March 4th, 2013

After spending a clear and warm Spring day at Meihan with Joel and Jesse we decided to stop a couple of times on the back into Osaka. After checking out Up Garage Joel and myself spotted GOING AUTOMOTIVE whilst sitting in traffic. Reversing at a set of traffic lights, dodging traffic in a noisy, body scraping R32 seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary so we parked up and checked out the classy cars they had for sale. This JZS161 was by far the coolest in the lot. Plenty more photos will be posted soon x


February 22nd, 2013

With Japans population oozing over 127,000,000 mark sometimes traffic becomes extremely bad, especially during Golden Week. This was our second day on our 2012 trip, 20 or so hours in, still no sleep. The Annual Mooneyes event was on in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay. Being only 20 or so kilometres from central Tokyo we thought it’d be a good idea to drive out seeming as it was such a nice Spring day. Just under 3 hours later we finally made it in Odaiba, without a park however. Traffic can be frustrating in Japan but not so much when you have gorgeous cars like this BMW to keep your mind at ease x

Wild weekend nights in Nagoya x


February 18th, 2013

Hyogo Prefecture x


びっぷ すたいる

July 17th, 2012

A huge thanks once again to Shota Mori-San from Tokyo. He specifically organised a day for myself and Park for a group of his close friends to meet up at a parking lot in Utsunomiya on the second last Saturday I was in Japan. It was a mixed group of cars which turned out to be absolutely perfect. From Civics, Accords, Skyline’s and Sunny’s to this slammed Toyota Celsior on a full set of Brabus wheels. These are my favourite shots of the car as it was rolling out of the parking area. Will definitely be posting more of this! x