Takuya-San from LOWBRAIN splitting up the n/a pack at Nikko with his C34 x

LOWBRAIN ☆ Rub The Earth x

Taku-San from LOWBRAIN tearing up the rear section of Nikko Circuit. RB Meeting 2012 x

Late nights out with LOWBRAIN away from the bright city lights in Tokyo. Before heading up the hills we stopped at a quiet little こんびに 7-11 which constantly had modified cars passing through, gearing up and taking off up the hills. It was quite surreal actually seeing cars such as lump RX-7s to quiet MX-5s roll in, get a coffee, put their gloves on and go for it, you could literally hear them for a good 10 minutes after they had left. Not long now x

Late nights in Atsugi hanging with Team LOWBRAIN and Fukushima-San from MATERIAL Racing. A night I won’t forget x


November 22nd, 2012

Late nights and early mornings with LOWBRAIN x

Saturday Nights

November 2nd, 2012

Hanging out on Saturday nights with some of the coolest dudes in Japan x