大阪での舞洲に旧車エクスポイベント x


amother trip to japan down. 2.5 weeks, over 5,000km’s travelled. new collection will be available in a few days. お疲れ様でした、皆さんありがとうございますいつも楽しかった x


ムーンアイズ30th記念日 x

浅野さん最高 x

一宮シャコタン x

千葉魂のシャコタンフェラーリ x

After 30+ hours of driving, trains and walking I’m finally back in Tokyo after another 2 unforgettable days spent down south in Hiroshima for the Bad Stance Meet held buy Bad Quality x Review. The day prior to the meet Nakagawa-san and Idekawa-san took us to some of their friends workshops around their home town x

れいめい 川崎

August 10th, 2012

Sun rising on the port of Japan – best weekends ever. Memories I’ll never forget x

December 28th, 2010

On the way to Tomei, we crossed paths with another Up Garage. The day before, we visited the main shop which is located just out of Tokyo. This was a much smaller shop, but this was the ‘drift’ store. Sitting outside where half a dozen ae86’s which looked like they’ve been sitting there since the 80’s and 90’s, gotta love the Advan Tri-Spokes. I will edit up some more photos from both outside and inside to show you some of the wicked wheels they had for sale!