GX61 Corona Mark II Eagle Mask

September 9th, 2022

a car that i have been looking at purchasing quite seriously over the past 18 months has been in the range of GX51/61/71 however due to pricing inflation it has been a lengthy and patient process to await something suitable in all fields to pop up for sale. just like silvia’s kyusha (old cars) in japan have spiked even worse.

the newest car to add to the collection – 1983 GX61 Corona Mark II Eagle Mask. factory 1G-GE (NA) twin cam 5 speed manual.

i spotted this car around 5 months ago on car sensor by a little dealership located in aichi prefecture that specializes in GX’s, skyline’s and anything else in-between. over the years traveling and living in japan i have purchased a fair amount of cars through friends however i have yet to experience purchasing a car through a dealership in japan. for the most part dealers can be extremely expensive however my experience with PCA was nothing but a breeze and extremely thorough. if i remember correctly i drove out to the dealership roughly 4-5 times to check out the car thoroughly in their shop on the lift in hopes to make a firm decision if this was going to be something i wanted to pull the trigger on or not.

a very simple car that has very low km’s, no rust and has been looked after very well. amazing and simple suspension setup on SSR mark iii 14x9J – 27 14x10J -38 (A disk). very excited to build this into something absolutely pristine and exciting.

if you are looking for a old japanese classic car and interested in PCA’s inventory be sure to check out the website link here. once again a very big thank you to everyone at PCA for their amazing hospitality, communication and overall patience over the course of 5 months: (株)プレスト PCA プレストクリエイティブオート x

Takuya-San from LOWBRAIN splitting up the n/a pack at Nikko with his C34 x

SSRA Spirant soukoukai Nikko Circuit. Thanks Spirant and N-Style x

An AE86 from the Tokyo region in which I’ve been stalking through various Japanese profiles and sites. Finally, I got to see it in person at the SSRA Spirant soukoukai day at Nikko Circuit. Pure Toyota perfection x

Black Limited x TEC-ART’S Trueno. SSRA x Spirant soukoukai Nikko Circuit x

Black Limited

September 4th, 2012

I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of this Black Limited beauty on the site before so is one. I found this car smashing around Nikko Circuit a few months back during the SSRA / Spirant ソウコウカイ day. Extremely rare to find one of these chassis, let alone coming onto boost down the back section of Nikko! x

Tec-Arts 86

June 22nd, 2012

Our first week in Tokyo was by far the busiest due to Golden Week. From streeting, touge, event meetups and specified drift days at tracks such as Nikko Circuit meant a lot of traveling was going to go down as soon as we landed on Japanese soil. One of the very first track days we went to was the SSRA Spirant Day at Nikko Circuit north of Tokyo where the buzzing sound of 4-AGE’s were to be heard. There were a handful of TEC-ART’S cars throwing down on the day but this one in particular was absolutely cranking the rear section of the circuit x

It has been a wet and busy week in Tokyo however today we had some sunshine up north at Nikko Circuit. We passed through Utsnomiya for the SSRA Spirant track day which an awesome turn out. We are currently in a cottage on a mountain in Nihonmatsu ready for a full weekend of drifting at Ebisu for the Spring Matsuri and the second round of Drift Muscle at Sugo Sportsland. Followed by that we will be driving down to Osaka for a week x