jesse x

March 26th, 2012

LOOKKING FD3S RX-7, Meihan Sports Land 2011.

Lookking FD3S RX-7

February 11th, 2012

Browsing through some of the film I shot in Osaka last year I came across some awesome photos of the LOOKKING FD3s RX-7 which definitely got our attention. Over the past few years LOOKKING have always brought out cars that have left people rambling all over the internet, this however, is pure artwork.

The engine has remained 13B fitted with a Trust TD-06 25G making an easy 500ps. Whilst talking to the owner he mentioned the motor is capable of 800+ps. It has some very serious mods such as a HKS 6 speed dog box.

FD3S RX-7 In Chiba

October 5th, 2011

So there is a little story behind these photographs, of course they’re two very hot FD3S RX-7’s but there is more to it than that. On my first trip to Japan we landed in Narita, Tokyo with a group of 9, myself and a whole bunch of boys from Melbourne. After sorting out 2 little hire cars we finally began our trip from Narita International Airport to Chiba where we were going to be based for the next few nights. On the way we noticed a 3 story Lotus workshop and quickly did a u-turn and pulled into the small car park out front.

As the little parking area was raised up and off the main road we didn’t notice the gorgeous rides sitting up there. Here was this silver FDS3 RX-7 sitting on a full set of Regamasters.

The RX-7 was also sporting some very nice aero accessories.

Over a few car park spaces was this subtle FD3S once again sitting on Regamasters. What a adrenaline rush this was only 3o minutes into the trip. From here on in it got better and better.