Out of all the photos I’ve uploaded on here that I shot at Meihan Sports Land during my trip to Osaka they’ve all got something to do with running along the wall. Before this shot was taken I think I was scouting around the pits shooting some static shots of the higher-class cars before they went out on the track. Unfortunately I only had my 24mm on my camera at the time Nakamura-san and Mitsuyoshi-san started having some fun – two of the best from Team Burst. This photo wasn’t anything really planned just a slow pan through the pit poles, tyres and cement wall but turned out kind of groovy. Hope you enjoy x

January 29th, 2011

24mm f/8… Nothing compares.

January 16th, 2011

Starting out as minor leaks caused by drains backing up on themselves suddenly turned into a river. Around about 09:00PM on Wednesday night, my brother, Rob and myself were monitoring the water levels from about 8 different locations. As we drove through Carragundi road, all of a sudden had a thin line of water running across the road, quite like it had just rained, nothing more than a millimetre or two spread across the bitumen. A couple of hours had passed so we thought we would go for another drive and check up on things around the area. Carragundi road was virtually inaccessible, with the raging waters raising in front of our eyes it wasn’t looking good for the local corner shops, let alone the houses surrounding it.
The aftermath; This… The shops were completely inundated with water. It isn’t very visible in these photos but the water level reached as high as the shark on the seafood shop sign. This photos were captured on Friday afternoon and I have to say it was quite an emotional walk through the area having people lost absolutely everything they own. More to come soon.