March 1st, 2018

a couple of weeks ago i flew into tokyo, super last minute to purchase a car that was for sale in the kanto region. after picking it up and staying the night at ueno takakuni-sans (MAJORFORCE AE86 member) in tochigi it was time to start the ~10ish hour drive down to osaka. beforehand however i managed to grab a couple of shots. this was my first time in japan in february and was enjoying the super crisp, cool weather to a tee. 

after a brief stop-in to chiba to catch up with park and a kaido racer meeting in moriya i left around 11pm saturday with my mind set on driving all night to avoid any kind of traffic and being substantially colder – a lot easier on the car. without any tools or a jack i wanted to take it easy with plenty of breaks at parking areas double checking over the car every few hours.

just past 7am the sun rose as i made it to kariya parking area which is just off the shin-tomei / tomei and on the isewangan expressway just before you reach nagoya. one of the larger parking areas with more facilities and a gas stand. years ago i always dreamed of driving a semi-cool drift car long distance with my camera all through the night just taking photos along the way.

about an hour or so south of nagoya the extremely cold and clear sunrise quickly vanished and into a dark storm rolling off the mountains just as i was entering kameyama prefecture, just before nara. as i previously stated above this was my first time in japan so early on in the year and i’ve always wanted to experience snow in japan, especially with a car to get some shots. 

after an hour or so wait drinking coffee and taking some photos it was somewhat clear enough to get back on the expressway and get the last few hours done.

the coldest it recorded on my iPhone throughout the night and early morning was -4. the SHIRTSTUCKEDIN staff jacket definitely served its purpose.

i ended up arriving in osaka city around 11am which meant the entire journey from chiba prefecture took me around 12 hours to the dot minus the few hour drive from tochigi-ken. i had some wheels in osaka which i had already planned on putting on this as soon as i got there and settled. fronts are volk TE37SL in 17×9.5 +12 and the rears volk 57GTC 18×9.5 +12. 

in-between other work i managed to go out for a few drives around the bay area with the boys.

after probably 1500-2000kms of driving highways, low roads and a little grip session in the mountains the car seems pretty faultless so far. i will never get sick of driving around japan especially at night – everything comes to life and the country itself just glows.

excluding purchasing this car the previous PS13 managed to get stripped in a very short few hours thanks to jamie. a bunch of parts have now been offloaded and sold which i thank each and one of you for. i also attended a few soukoukais at meihan sportsland and suzuka motorland as you probably saw if you follow me on instagram and a large kaido racer meeting in tokyo.

i’m unsure what i will do with this car at this stage as i’m still wanting to make another NA machine. all in all worked out to be a busy fulfilled 10 days. spontaneous decisions will always be fun and exciting. have fun along the way. 水準向上 casey xxx

japan in the am. xxx

From the moment I started this little blog I was never in any kind of rush or intentions to upload a bunch of photos at once. I am a firm believer that photos, like a fine wine get better with age. Unfortunately enough in 2006 I wasn’t around shooting cars overseas just yet, however magazines and online forums were definitely apart of my daily ritual whilst dodging any kind of school-based work I could – being in grade 9.

Recently Alexi from NoriYaro sent me the remaining images he shot at E-Course, Meihan Sports Land back in 2006 – 12 years ago now consisting of Team Burst & Friends. It is pretty safe to say that the majority of you that follow drifting in Japan have seen the little article he release a number of years ago, however I knew there had to be some more images that were yet to see the internet. Enjoy!

This PS13 in particular was by far one of my favourite Silvia’s and probably still is owned by Hiroaki-San.

Aki-Fujio-San member of Otokichi Family in Mie-Prefecture.

Photos of Nakamura Naoki-San linking the rear section without transitioning. Nothing but pretty colors, chrome 17s and TRUST mid-mount noises…

…shallow angle and tire-fender rubbing.

Nothing but close and aggressive driving with fibreglass flying everywhere.

Young Fujio-San and hit crystal Hitman steering.

To conclude enjoy the infamous nostalgic video shot by Laurence JDMISM from this day. Thank you to Alexi for the remaining shots. Casey x


higashi-osaka parking area x

mitsuyoshi nishio-san. 音吉ファマリー leader from mie prefecture on a perfect, crisp morning at meihan x


January 29th, 2018

one of my greatest goals and things to work towards whilst running this blog is to one day have my own personal car back in the country of japan and to shoot a number of stickers & accessories that would soon be available to SHIRTSTUCKEDIN. this latest release was precisely that, having shipped my car over late last year I was able to make the time and shoot this most recent collection of inventory and stickers on my car in the bay of osaka.

feel free to check out the online store via the link below. with more than 60 individual items for sale – your support is unbelievably appreciated. casey xxx

shop now x

gasoline stand photo taken in nara with shane x

yasuki fukuda-san last minute practice at hitomi-go drift soukoukai prior to kansai all stars in 2017 x

SIGNAL AUTO – total car fashion in mikami auto hiroshima x

longnose MZ10 on deep kamagaya wide-wheel at fuji speedway for 1980s meeting x