The first course we checked out at the Spring Matsuri was of course, Nishi which is the West course. There were a bunch of cars going crazy as per usual. This A31 Cefiro was sitting low and pretty in the pit area and definitely sounded as tough as it looks. Heaps to come from Ebisu x

7 Responses to “しゃこたん A31 せふぃろ”

  1. sexyhammer Says:

    is it just me or does this cefiro look a lot like the last caprice-based impala from the mid 90’s at this angle?

  2. sexyhammer Says:

    haha, color matches and everything:

  3. emmanuelb110 Says:

    love the stance, the color and the exhaust more on this please 😀

  4. kriss Says:

    please more pics of this if you have any Casey

  5. Nic Says:

    Wasn’t looking quite so pretty after hitting the school course wall on sunday though =(

  6. paul Says:

    This is an amazing Cef and moody shot.

  7. ryan Says:

    I saw it last week at Autumn Ebisu Matsuri…It had gangster VSKFs on it this time. I was sad when he smashed it to bits on touge course :/ had to be trailered home

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