The Team FREEE’S☆ C35 Laurel. This car has been around for quite some time but recently debut’d its new look at the most recent Exciting Car Showdown in Nagoya a few months ago. As usual, there is a lot of mixed opinions but personally I absolutely love this car. Witnessing it in real life makes you realise how much hard work has actually gone into it. Oh, and the owner, Yoshimasa-San drifts it too! Under the bonnet is a RB26. I added the middle image in specifically to show this car isn’t just a show car. Team FREEE’S☆ continuing to blow minds! Can’t wait to show you more photos of this car both on and off the track *wink x

3 Responses to “よしまさ せきのさん C35 ちーむ FREEE’S☆”

  1. SelmasSan Says:

    In the street it would look at least strange, but in these pictures and that environment, it looks superb!

  2. brennan Says:

    then again, this is ridiculously low too and sliding! we just don’t see that level of commitment to being low in Australia hey Casey. PS awesome photography, are you using a 400mm?

  3. steezyd Says:

    Can anyone help with the name of these wheels? Been seein’ them around but never really knew what kind. Thanks.

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